A Chance for Reflection

Some of you might have noticed that I've been a bit absent from social media recently. My blog has been quiet, my Instagram feed has not changed in weeks and I haven't posted a video to YouTube in what seems like ages.


Unfortunately, I've injured my foot and have been forced to use crutches to get around and rest and ice my foot as much as possible. I haven't even been able to get into my office (which is in my attic) as I haven't been able to climb the ladder. 

It's not been a great month really and I'm starting to feel the effects of being stuck in side - the cabin fever is starting!

I'm itching to get back out and onto the Fells with my camera. Never before has my camera been so idle, I think it might actually be getting a little dusty with just sitting on the shelf. But I have been trying to keep my chin up as every cloud has a silver lining (or so I've been told - apparently).

But this isn't a post of me moaning about my foot

Far from it. This period of enforced rest has been quite positive in a lot of ways.

You see, being forced to stay indoors has given me a chance to stop, catch my breath and review where I am at the moment in my photographic journey and to think a little about the direction I'd like to be going in.

One of the areas that I've been reviewing is my blog, YouTube channel and website.

Enforced rest is helping me to "see the wood for the trees"

I initially started this blog and my YouTube channel with the idea of documenting my adventures and my learning as I develop as an outdoor photographer and I even came up with the name "Adventures of an Outdoor Photographer" long before I even began this blog. My original idea was to post regularly about little things I'd learnt, trips and hikes I'd been on, landscape photography in general and other outdoors related items - such as kit reviews, hiking advice and articles on locations that I'd found.

My YouTube vlog was going to complement this blog with regular trips into the outdoors, showing the good days and the bad days that I experience when I'm out in the landscape and I wanted both my YouTube channel and my blog to focus primarily on the WHY'S rather than the HOW'S of landscape photography.

But for some reason, when I started my website, blog and vlog, I seemed to loose my way and almost forgot the reason that I started in the first place. If I'm honest, I've been focusing far too much on the HOW rather than the WHY. There are so many fantastic blogs, YouTube channels and websites dedicated to the technical aspect of photography - I really don't think I could add anything of any real value to this wealth of information. That doesn't mean that I wont do some posts on the how's of photography (I've got a few lined up in for the near future), but I get far more excited when I think about exploring the why's.

  • Why do I get up in the middle of the night to attempt to capture an early morning sunrise?

  • Why hike to the top of a mountain on the off-chance it my not be cloudy at the top?

  • Why do I LOVE photography?

  • Why would I rather invest in a decent pair of boots than a new camera?

These questions, and others like them, are the questions that originally inspired me to start blogging and I'm so excited about taking this blog and my YouTube channel in this new direction.

So, there'll be some exciting new changes to my blog and website over the next few weeks, starting with a new home page and a new title "Adventures of a Landscape Photographer" - which is the name I first thought up several years ago and I really think encapsulates the new feel and direction of my blog.

I'll also be blogging more regularly, but not always long and in-depth posts. There will be far more of a mixture of in-depth articles and short up-dates which will be more focused on my thoughts, feelings and ideas on projects and mini-adventures.

I literally can't wait to be able to hobble up the mountains again and start documenting my adventures through my blog and YouTube Channel and I really do hope you enjoy the articles, posts and videos that I'll be uploading over the next few months!

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